What we can do:

  • Provide our customers a one stop solution to cover all your CMM and GDT application requirements;
  • Program your CMM either on-site or remotely (off-line) efficiently even you're running different software on multiple machines, so you don't have to deal with more than one service provider;
  • Truly apply GD&T requirement from your drawing to your CMM programs so the dimensional results make sense to your customer. Our programs are 100% compliant with ASME Y14.5 standard to the best your software can achieve;
  • Program very complicated parts (in terms of geometry and dimensional requirement), even without cad models;
  • Deliver customized training (either on-site or remotely) on both CMM and GDT to bring your staff to a much higher level so you can be confident on CMM data;
  • Analyze your CMM data to help solve tooling or process issues;
  • When it comes to purchasing your CMM(s) and decide which software to use, we have the most comprehensive hands on knowledge so you don't get confused by any single-software user's opinion, let alone sales person's.

   How we can achieve these:

  • With combined more than 30 years of industrial experience on 15 different CMM software, we're pretty sure we can handle most of the CMM package you can find in today's market;
  • Our CMM programming experience established in last 20 years ranges from 100% off-line coding to using advanced CAD technology, working with manual probes to handling latest 5 axis PH20 probe, dealing with high precision machining parts to assemblies with huge variation;
  • We have ASME certified GDT expert, with hands on experience working with various type of engineering drawing;
  • We have access to multiple CMM software for off-line programming, including: OpenDmis, PC-Dmis, Camio, CMM Manager, Calypso, etc.;
  • We also employ other software such as SpaceClaim, Step Ahead, GOM so we can handle any CMM raw data, even point clouds for analysis;
  • With internet technology, we offer quick turn around with off-line programming, web training, web consulting with no delay;

   Some of our customers that we support regularly:

  • Arkal Automotive (Israel, AL, ON)
  • Martinrea International (ON, KY)
  • Paradigm Precision (CT)
  • Metform International (ON)
  • Magna International (ON)
  • Baumeier (ON)
  • Mecadaq Engineering (CA)
  • Ben Machine Products (ON)
  • Advanced Machine Inc. (KS)