Ray Xing  "You can have the fanciest measuring tool in your hands, but without proper training you won't get any more reliable results than using a ruler."

Mr. Ray Xing                                   


RX Metrology Solutions Inc.                          

Senior CMM Application Specialist

ASME certified GDTP Senior (S-0605)      


     Ray Xing was born in Shanghai, China, a city has now become a center of commerce in east. He finished his university degree in mechanical engineering in 1994 and came to Canada as a landed immigrant. From his very first job that he gained in 1995, as a quality technician in a tool & die manufacturer in Mississauga, Ontario, he started to spend lots of time in his own experimenting on Co-ordinate Measuring Machine because he found himself very interested at this amazing measuring tool. In last 18 years, having worked in various industries including automotive, aerospace, power generation Ray has mastered more than 15 different CMM software, covering most of the major CMM system you can find in the market.

     After 8 years of full time employment with different companies Ray started out as a sub-contractor in 2002, to provide on-site CMM programming, training and consulting service. In 2009, Ray got himself certified by ASME as a GDTP Senior (one of the only 17 in Canada at the time) and officially formed his consulting business as RX Metrology Solutions. Since then Ray has supported many customers in both Canada and US through on-site/web training, off-line programming in both CMM and GDT application. He has established a wide range of customers such as, to name but a few: Martinrea International (Automotive), Arkal North America (Automotive), Mecadaq (Aerospace), TransCat (Metrology).

     In Oct. 2012, Ray launched a website where any person can learn various CMM software, standard DMIS coding and GD&T application all in one platform, at his own pace, from video tutorials. Ray takes this as his on-going long term project so it truly becomes a one stop on-line training solution for CMM and GD&T. Please visit: www. rxmetrology.com for more details.

     Ray has been a regular contributor for CMM ezine: www.cmmquarterly.com and very active in forum like: www.cmmguys.com, under user name: Automeasure.

      Ray is a regular soccer player, also sometimes coaches for girls team, including his 2 lovely daughters, aged at 11 and 12.

      You can find Ray's linkedIn profile here: