Create a cmm program that can produce reliable measurement results is not that easy because the programmer needs to be very experienced on these tasks:

  • Understand all dimensional requirements on the drawing
  • Find the most efficient way to set up parts for probing
  • Select best hardware configuration (ruby size, sensor angle, etc.)
  • Interpret GDT correctly in the CMM software
  • Able to handle actual geometry variations (sometimes very big) with various programming methods
  • Create effective reports for both internal and external customers

We have done lots of projects involving complicated dimensional requirement so we're confident that we can handle yours. We're able to support the following CMM software:

  • Hexagon - PC-Dmis, MM4
  • Zeiss - Calypso, Umess, Usoft
  • Nikon - CMM Manager, Camio, LK-Dmis, WinCmes
  • Wenzel - OpenDmis (Rational Dmis)
  • IMS - Virtual Dmis (VDmis)
  • Mitutoyo - Mcosmos, Geopak
  • Origin - Checkmate