• In fast-paced manufacturing environment inspection department is often left with a very short time frame to check parts. With off-line programming, programs can be done even before parts are ready so CMM inspection won't become bottleneck in the chain.
  • In many companies CMMs are very busy to support daily production but to create part programs (especially on complicated parts) sometimes is very time consuming and also will tie your CMM up. Off-line programming will free your CMM from being used for programming so they can be dedicated for your production.

  Software requirement:

  • Almost all modern CMM software package has off-line programming capability but same time all require you having a separate off-line license, which is typically expensive, depending on which software you're using.
  • And typically an off-line station should also have CAD capability because from time to time you might need to verify CAD geometry against drawing requirement. In old days these can only be done by engineering department, which slows down the whole programming process.
  • It will be even better if off-line station has software that can process raw CMM data from actual run for reporting and more advanced dimensional analysis. Then your CMM can output run data to network to be processed on off-line station to save precious CMM machine time.

 Programmer requirement:

  • Programmer that can write off-line programs must be very literal on the software so he can utilize all available tools in the software to speed up programming process.
  • Programmer should be also very experienced with on-machine operation so he will foresee any possible difficulty in program debugging, thus make the off-line program "smart" enough to deal with variations.
  • Programmer should be definitely a GDT expert to interpret drawing requirement precisely to make sure the off-line program will create valid data.
  • Programmer should also have good CAD capability to handle various requirement.

 Why choose us:

  • Our programmers have combined over 30 years of hands-on experience on more than 15 different CMM software;
  • Our lead programmer is ASME certified GDTP Senior;
  • We can create native off-line programs in PC-Dmis, Open-Dmis, CMM Manager and also create pure DMIS codes that can be run directly in Camio, Modus, Virtual Dmis or, translated into other software such as Mcosmos if your system has DMIS translator;
  • Our programmers also has superior CAD manipulation skills so even without a cad model off-line programming still can be done efficiently based on your drawing information.