One of our strength that has made many of customers satisfied with our service is our ability to handle sophiscated situations, which in many cases, involving co-ordination between different departments such as engineering, tooling, process and management. When supporting our customer on-site, we've been able to trouble shoot on things such as:

  • Discrepancy between CMM results and attribute gauge/checking fixture;
  • Co-relation studies between various measurement systems like portable arms, laser tracker, Perceptron system, etc.;
  • Gauge design review and validation;
  • Nominal mismatch between cad model and drawing;
  • GDT review on your existing programs;

And of course we can always provide customized on-site training to meet your specific requirement. Typically if you have a project that you can afford any metrology mistake on then with our on-site support you'll be rest assured to get reliable measurement data from your CMM systems.