Before I started to write this article, I google searched "" and found the domain name is for sale. If you already started on your cmm career 10 years ago you should know what I'm talking about. I think was the first cmm forum where you can get information for almost all major cmm software and hardware. I remember I learned a lot from this forum. Now the web based technology is much more advanced than 10 years ago and you can get almost any information from website instantly, including how to program a cmm. I believe most of you guys somehow get help from other cmm users through websites like But the question is do you really get to know all the tricks from an open source like these forums?

You'll find there are many "self-learners" in cmm community simply because the 5-day basic training from OEM is really very "basic". Nothing wrong with that though, because even though modern cmm software looks so much alike, they're actually very different from one another. The OEM has to make sure the user knows all the "basics" so they don't screw up on little things. What often happens on beginners is they think they've learned quite a lot in the basic training class but when they go back to their work place to deal with some real inspection works sometimes they couldn't even create a good alignment and then start to call help line for many "little" things. And what often happens to experienced guys (who used at least a different cmm software for a few years before) is they think they don't need any "basic" training but instead, all they need is pick up someone's brain and jump into wherever their interests are in the new software. And again that raises a question: what kind of training is more effective for users?

My answer to both questions is very simple: a more effective training is a customized "dynamic" training specifically focused on your cmm and your parts over the entire length of your learning curve. Some of you must have such experience as you know the software but just couldn't get some functions work properly even after hours of trial and error. Forum might help if you're lucky enough to get some really quick response. But what you really need is a short 1-2 hour training session from time to time so you get walked through on different things when you encounter them. But do you find such resources available? Not many at all. There's no way either the OEM support can justify the cost of travelling to your place just for a 2 hour trouble shooting or you are willing to pay for the high SMA cost just in case you need some support. But with web training, it could happen.

For web training, all you need is internet connection on the cmm computer and a webcam with mic. You log in to the webinar host like gotomeeting and communicate with the trainer through mic, show him what happens on cmm through webcam and let him take over control on your computer when necessary or let him show you how he programs on his computer. Recently I have been training and supporting a molding compnay in Riverton, WY on their OpenDmis cmm and it works out very well. The trainee is very happy because he gets full training without leaving  his busy production and the length of training sessions are very flexible, 1-2 hours each time, a couple of times a week, very focused and not tired at all. He gets enough time to practice and play with the software between training sessions and then bring up questions for the next session. Most importantly, the cost is so low compared with 3-day or 5-day bulk training. And it can carry on whenever you need it. I'm also happy too because I can easily show him all my programming tricks on my laptop with the off-line capability.

To learn programming in various CMM software at your own pace, simply get your annual membership for our on-line video training:, or contact Ray at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for webinar training.